WhatsApp is set to roll out new ‘disappearing messages’ functionNo ratings yet.

WhatsApp Messenger, or simply WhatsApp, is an American freeware, cross-platform messaging, and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, makes voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media.

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature that will make messages disappear, in a bid to help users cut down their digital footprint.

The update, which is set to start rolling out to phones this week, will give users the option to delete conversations automatically seven days after messages have been sent.

The new function will work for both group messages and individual conversations, and will automatically remove any image or video files shared.

“We’re starting with seven days because we think it offers peace of mind that conversations aren’t permanent while remaining practical so you don’t forget what you were chatting about,” the company said when announcing the change in a blog post. “The shopping list or store address you received a few days ago will be there while you need it, and then disappear after you don’t.

“While it’s great to hold on to memories from friends and family, most of what we send doesn’t need to be everlasting. Our goal is to make conversations on WhatsApp feel as close to in-person as possible, which means they shouldn’t have to stick around forever.”

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Get Happier On The Daily With These Small HabitsNo ratings yet.

It is widely known that happiness is a choice and it is free. The more you go around engaging in negative things in your life, the more you call them in.

Happiness is different for each and every individual, it looks different, feels different but most importantly it is something that can alter your entire life. Being happy can mean inner peace with yourself it could be having a great group of friends or it could be simply being independent and free to pursue life as you wish. Habits and everyday life make a world of difference to your happiness level, we have a few tips and tricks that will lead you to be happier and more satisfied with life.


How To Be Happier On The Daily With These Small Habits


Of course, one smiles when they are happy but it is actually a two-way street. When you smile your brain releases dopamine, which is your happy hormone. Now, you do not need to walk around constantly putting one smile but when you are feeling a bit down or under the weather have a little smile and see if it helps. You can also try beginning your morning with a little smile are yourself in the mirror.


Exercise as much as it is for your body is also for your mind- it reduces stress, feelings of anxiety, and can assisting depression. Exercise is a great confidence booster and even just a tiny amount will make a difference. Do not overdo it and cause yourself strain, a little goes a long way!


Sleep is pivotal for your well-being, good health, brain function, and your emotional state of mind. Listen to your body when it is telling you to rest and ensure you are getting enough hours, our daily lives are stressful and in today’s modern world there is pressure on overworking, however, your health
h and state are just as important.

Eat According To Your Mood

Foods have the ability to alter your state of mind and emotional well-being, eat according to how you feel. Carbohydrates release serotonin which will make you feel good and boost your mood. However complex carbs such as vegetables, beans, and whole grains are better than the simple ones which will just spike your sugar levels. Moreover, lean meat, poultry, dairy, and legumes are a source of protein. protein releases dopamine and norepinephrine which will help your concentration and boost energy. Skip the deep-fried and processed stuff.

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Set Skills That Impress WomenNo ratings yet.

Women are attracted to men with certain skills they like men to have. Some of the skills are already innate in certain men while others develop them in time. This article should be interesting for women to help them realize what real skills are that they are looking for in men.

Here is a list of those skills:

  • Style and Grooming

Women find those men attractive who like to style and groom. They look smart in their get-ups, and their appearances are clean-shaven. Being a slob and not paying attention to their appearances would naturally repel women.

  • Conversations

While having a conversation, if the man has the patience to listen to his woman and then respond, the woman feels respected and satisfied. Good conversations always lead to healthy, happy, and loving relationships.

  • Fixing a Car

Women drive cars as well as men. But when it comes to fixing them, if they get help from a man, they will naturally be grateful and admire them.

  •  Dancing

Most women like to dance and if their partners like to do it more often, they immediately feel romantic and are attracted to them.

  •  Cooking

Women will have to cook most of the time. But occasionally if their man can take care of it and relieve her of the daily burden, naturally they will feel gratified and be more attracted to them.

  •  Athletics

Women will be more attracted to men participating in sports such as, boxing, football, and others which exude their masculinity rather than a sport like golf.

  •  Playing a Musical Instrument

If a woman’s partner is skilled in playing any musical instrument, naturally they are drawn to them. It will be a memory that they will take to their deathbeds and final breath.

  •  Handyman Skills

Sure a woman can ask for a technician to do necessary repairs. But if their man can shoulder those responsibilities, exhibiting good handyman skills, the woman will be in absolute praise and appreciation for them.

  •  Speaking Foreign Languages

If a man can speak one or more foreign languages other than his own mother tongue language, their woman of life will appreciate it very much and be enticed to him.

  •  Bedroom Skills

If a man has an adequate way of displaying bedroom intimacy skills, naturally the woman will be sparked and aroused with love and a yearning for more.

Summing up, these are some of the skills that a woman would prefer in a man in order to be attracted to him and to want eagerly to have him as her soul mate.

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10 Life Hacks Every Girl Should KnowNo ratings yet.

Every girl would like to have everything in its place, always available and easy to use. The problem is that the girls do not manage so easily in all situations, and often happens to lose too much time to solve a simple problem. Here are some excellent life hacks, which could be useful very much in life, and that could ease some everyday actions.

  • How to organize T-shirts

If you are one of those girls who love T-shirts, and you have plenty of them, sure you have the problem that the whole world has: how to organize them without disordering the rest of the clothes while pulling them out the drawer or closet.

So this trick is very simple, and you certainly had not fallen into it: it is about folding shirts in a different way from the traditional, somewhat bent, so would save more space. The result is good because you can have everything at a glance, and the image of the front, and so is easier to find what you want.

  • Make curls with a hair straightener

Have a flat iron, but not a curling iron. How do we do then? There are ways to make some waves, yes, but not perfect curls. This trick is quite easy, and there are many tutorials on the Internet that you can follow.

The process is straightforward: take a lock of your hair and roll-up. Then cover it and secure it with aluminum foil, and then keep tight iron for a few seconds. The result is spectacular, as you’ll see.

  • Keep the boots upright

There are many tricks to store the shoes, but if you have enough space in your shoe rack or your closet, the most common is that we keep them standing up. Yes, we always have the same problem, and that the leg usually not sustain alone.

The trick is to buy that plastic that is used to play in the pools and cut them into several parts, the right height for your boots, if possible. Thus, they remain upright, and there is no tremendous skin wrinkling that leaves ugly marks.

  • For skin burns

If you are one of those girls who usually burn easily, we recommend this trick that is as simple as cheap. Take an ice bucket you no longer use, and fill it with Aloe Vera, either in cream or natural liquid as you prefer.

So when you burn, put the ice cubes on the burn, and you will immediately relieve pain, and ice-cool effect will make you desensitize something else, and not suffer so much.

  • The profits of the hair straightener

Formerly, the girls iron their hair with a clothes iron. It was a good idea, yes, always careful, and with a towel in between. Now, we can give other uses our hair iron.

In fact, it is a very useful device if we seek to iron the edges of the sleeves, hems, and that sort of thing. What are you waiting to try it?

  • Uses of Vaseline

Natural Vaseline, derived from petroleum, has a lot of profits, but one of the most common is to rehydrate. Not only to us, but we can also take some care with our skin products.

For example, it is quite common to use Vaseline to fix those rubbing marks on shoes, which look gruesome. Try them, and you’ll see what a difference.

  • Distinguishing the keys

As children, we liked those colorful keys that we always saw in copies stores. But here’s a better idea, and it is a cheaper way: paint the keys with nail polish.

You could put into use all those nail polish you no longer use and that are lagging dry. Before throwing them, this is a good solution.

  • If you run out of depilation gel

Girls have a lot of products for depilation, but if you use the blades, they also have to have a good gel. The sad thing is that they are expensive, and often run out quickly. But if that day you need it, you can resort to a relatively rapid and efficient solution: hair conditioner.

If you try it, you probably cannot stop using it, because the truth is that it can become much more efficient than the special gels for hair removal.

  • Red wine stains

The spots of red wine, with white wine, are removed. So if you’re at a dinner party, and you had that slip, you know, immediately ask for a bottle of white wine, and take a glass to the bathroom. Surely you will be delighted with the effect, so quickly.

Because it’s not pleasant to stay with wine stains for the rest of dinner. Besides, you know, desperate situations call for desperate measures.

  • Remove glued chewing gum with ice.

That’s a trick of our mothers, which everyone knows. So it hardens, and then we use a thin, sharp object like a knife or lime to remove it. It is not pleasant, and you have to be careful, but it is the best solution.

Oh, and of course, this also serves to hair, so no need to worry. Nothing to make a concoction of everything we have in the fridge, to remove gum from hair.

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Effective ways To Care For Your SkinNo ratings yet.

The skin is the largest and arguably the most beautiful organ of your body. It reflects your health with astounding accuracy, so treat it right by pampering, cleaning, and feeding it safe and healthy nutrients. You don’t need to go out searching cosmetic counters or order expensive creams, lotions, and exfoliates when you have a wealth of do-it-yourself treatments and tricks that can take care of your skin at home.

Most can pinpoint the culprits of their dull or oily skin from certain unhealthy habits. Whether it’s a lack of broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection or sleeping with your makeup on, it causes harm to your body.

Skin health is important, and using natural, healthy topical treatments and nutrients is key.

Skin is the largest and arguably the most beautiful organ of your body. It reflects your health with astounding accuracy, so treat it right by pampering, cleaning, and feeding it safe and healthy nutrients. You don’t need to go out searching cosmetic counters or order expensive creams, lotions, and exfoliates when you have a wealth of do-it-yourself treatments and tricks that can take care of your skin at home.

Most can pinpoint the culprits of their dull or oily skin from certain unhealthy habits. Whether it’s a lack of broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection or sleeping with your makeup on, it causes harm to your body.

The top layer of the skin is dead, so blockages, such as old makeup, dirt, and sweat can accumulate and make it harder for the lower layers to flourish with the necessary oxygen and nutrients, although most derive from what the body digests. That’s why what you eat and drink is just as important as what you’re putting on your face.

By combining protection practices with nutrition and hygiene routines, your skin will feel cleaner and healthier as time goes by. Start taking care of yourself and applying and ingesting natural products and foods to your body. It takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream. Read these 16 natural beauty hacks for the everyday person:

  • At-Home Burn Accidents

Burn yourself with your hair iron, saucepan, or tea kettle? Instead of applying ice to minor burns, reach for some raw honey and slather on a thick layer. It will immediately cut the sting of the burn but also provide antibacterial protection while keeping skin hydrated.

  • Feet in Need of TLC

If you have rough, dry, or cracked feet, you need a tougher exfoliator than your face does. Mix 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to half a cup of coconut oil and apply the blend to your feet in a circular motion. Then wash off with a warm washcloth. It will help to get off a lot of the dead skin in a gentle but effective manner.

  • Hair Removal without the Razor

Shaving legs, underarms, and backs can hurt the skin if done too often without the proper moisturizer or shaving gel. Instead, mix together 1 tablespoon of iodine two percent with 1 cup of baby oil and rub it into the desired removal area. Let it sit for only five minutes without water flow. Then, gently wipe away with a damp cloth, and with the mixture will come the hair without the pain or possible injury.

  • All-Natural Self-Tanner Remover

Skin cancer is far too prevalent, with one in five Americans developing skin cancer over the course of their lifetime. Avoid getting too much sun exposure by staying out of the sun and trying a self-tanner instead. Removal can be tricky, so try an all-natural approach by mixing water with lemon juice and baking soda. Then, use a toothbrush to gently help exfoliate away any dark spots leftover.

  • Fix Morning Eyes

Waking up with puffy eyes doesn’t help anyone look like a morning person. Place a spoon in the freezer the night before and in the morning hold under or on top of the eyelids to decrease puffiness and inflammation. Cool cucumbers or teabags work as well. The caffeine constricts blood vessels and, when applied to the under-eye area, decreases puffiness.

  • Cure-All Herbal Treatment

Witch hazel is an herbal remedy that also helps with under-eye bags, but it’s also a cure-all astringent that works as a toner, serves as an excellent spot treatment, and natural deodorant.

  • Summer Salt Scrub

Exfoliate summer skin with Epsom salt, which is the go-to bath ingredient for post-gym workouts to soothe sore muscles. Add half a teaspoon into your favorite cleansing cream or lotion and gently massage the face in small circles once or twice a week. The mineral’s compound of sulphate and magnesium helps flush toxins and calm inflammation.

  • Skin-Soothing Aloe for Acne

Acne is aggravating. The leaves of Aloe Vera plants are known to reduce facial acne flare-ups thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help heal existing acne, prevent future breakouts, and soothe sunburns. Simply break open an aloe leaf and apply directly to the problem areas for a natural acne fix, or squeeze into ice cube trays, let freeze, and rub cubes onto skin for an easy, clean application.

  • Bug-Bite Baths

For bubble bath lovers, add half a cup of baking soda Arm & Hammer to hot water for a soothing soak. It will neutralize acids and skin irritants such as sunburn and bug bites.

  • For Dark Under-Eye Circles

Vitamin K found in pears, avocados, plums, and kiwi fruit help to heal the damaged capillaries and arteries in the thin skin layer around the eyes.

  • For Uneven Pigmentation

Vitamin B found in fish and garlic will help to combat redness by boosting circulation in the body, leaving behind a radiant complexion.

  • For Wrinkles

Vitamin A found in dark leafy greens and cantaloupe is the key to rejuvenating your skin and smoothing out fine lines and uneven skin tone, making it particularly helpful for those who have acne.

  • For Dull Skin

Vitamin A from carrots will keep your skin healthy and vibrant from their high beta carotene levels; this is an antioxidant that is converted to vitamin A inside the body. It helps repair skin tissue and protects against the sun’s harsh rays. Cooked carrots deliver even more skin-friendly beta carotene than raw ones.

  • For Dry Skin

Vitamin E found in mangoes, almonds, broccoli, and spinach help to balance the skin’s moisture levels and work as an effective antioxidant to help fight free radicals in the body. Vitamins A, C, and E encourage cell and tissue growth to help the body repair itself throughout its constant shedding and growing cycles.

  • For Sun-Damaged Skin

Vitamin C found in oranges, strawberries, and kiwi can help reverse some sun damage and prevent wrinkles and sagging, as well as brighten the overall skin tone due to the fact that it stimulates collagen production.

  • To Protect Against Future Sun Damage

Omega–3 fats found in fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, and rainbow trout help fortify skin cell membranes, protect against sun damage, and may also reduce the risk of certain forms of skin cancer. The fats allow water and nutrients into the skin while keeping toxins out, and can also help fight inflammation.

“Good skincare is important because It helps your skin stay in good condition all through even as You’re shedding skin cells, so it’s important to keep your skin glowing and in good condition. An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best”.

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History, belief, marriage, and language of The Babur Bura’sNo ratings yet.

The origin of the Babur Bura people can be traced back to the 6th century.

History has it that at a point in time there was an exodus of people from Yemen in the Middle East to the Nile valley. And as at A.D.600, these people had not only dispersed, a good number of them had also reached the Sudan and Sahara.

Interestingly, the ancestors of Babur Bura together with other tribes like Luguda are believed to be among those who migrated from Yemen via Sudan through the Chad Basin [Kanem of Borno region] to the present Babur Bura land in Borno and Adamawa state.

Be that as it may, the Babur Bura can also be found in Borno state in the following Local Government Areas: Biu, Hawul, Kwaya kusar, Shani, and Bayo while in Adamawa State, they reside mainly in Garkida in Gombi Local Government Area. Famous Babur Bura villages and towns includes Biu, Garkida ,Kwajaffa ,Sakwa, Marama, Shaffa, Wandali, Kida, Miringa, Buratai, Zuwa, Yimirshika ,Hyera ,Dayar, Fumwa, Azare, Gwaski, Diragina, Yimana, Gwallam, Tiraku, Shindiffu, Goski, Pela Birni, Wangdang, Bula taw ewe, Kogu Tashan Alade, Kida, da hang shang etc.

Babur Babura People
Brief history, belief, marriage, and language of the Babur Babura People

However, each of this places has its own unique history. For example, the founder of the present Royal dynasty of Biu is Yamta -ra wala or Yamta the great.

Local tradition asserts that Yamta was the son of a Mandara woman who already carrying him in her womb at the time she was taken into the Mai of Borno’s household. Yamta was brought up as a Kanuri.

Yamta established sizeable kingdom for himself in the area bounded by the Gongola and the village of Kopchi, with his first capital at a place called Limbur between Chikorkur and Mandaragrau. Yamta’s grave is still identified at Limbur.

The Babur people are mostly, the inhabitants of Biu and its Immediate environment while the Bura people are the rural inhabitants of the Babur Bura land.



Bura has a way of marriage policy when a female child is born, a suitor may propose by throwing a leafy branch of a certain tree into the mother’s hut. If he is accepted, he gives gifts as the girl grows up.

He works on her father’s farm and makes Zana matting for them when she reaches marriageable age, he organizes his friends to capture her and bring her to his house.

Then the remaining part of the bride price is settled, which is not a insists amount, and arrangements for the marriage ceremony are concluded.

Also, some of the things that are normally given in the ceremony include kolanuts, salt, and white linen.

The bride is usually expected to produce a white cloth stained with the proof of her virginity and it may be displayed with pride. Her parents will be ashamed if she is not a virgin.

However, as a sign of respect, a man does not eat with his parents-in-law.


Before the introduction of Islam and Christianity in the 1920s, the Bura had their traditional religion known as Hyel or Hyel- taku.

The gods are represented by various objects such as water, stones, mountains, or forests. And most sacrifices to gods are made on Saturday, so it is a special day, the chief priest is called Mythmaker Haptu


The Babur Bura language is linguistically classified as Afro-Asiatic, Chadic, and Biu-Mandara. The Bura language has great affinity and similarity with Chibok, Marghi, Higgi , Kilba, and Bazza.

The Babur Bura people are found in large numbers in Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, and Yobe States.

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The Life Styles of Female BossesNo ratings yet.

I recently made a search in Google for the keywords “female bosses”, and to my astonishment, the search results returned a page filled with titles emancipating negative vibe for female bosses and their leadership style, for example, “do we hate female bosses?”, “Employees prefer male bosses to female”, or even worse “female bosses are a nightmare” and many more. I was taken aback by the mindset that the Internet, the whole world populace, is illuminating. What are the reasons that such titles are proliferating and earning spaces over the screens? Is it just the stereotypical preconceived notion that is portraying female bosses in undeserved and somewhat demeaning fashion or is there a real loophole in women’s leadership style? What is it actually which is attracting the stigma to female bosses in C-suite?

Today’s workplaces hold a decent combination of almost equal numbers of male and female employees at mid-level. That also implies that plenty of women employees are also contributing to surveys and them considering male leaders superior to the female leaders might indicate that there is something more than just a preconceived notion.

Another survey conducted to rank the leaders on some leadership qualities such as communications, organizational, and listening skills reveals that women bosses score higher than their male counterparts. Then what went wrong when it comes to gaining popularity? When employees rate female bosses higher in terms of caliber then what could be the reason they prefer not to have them as their own boss? Is there anything that we can do to change the mindset or rather is there anything that we can improve upon on our leadership? What are those extra qualities of male leaders that make them distinguished and that we can learn from?

The unpalatable search results made me inquisitive to find out more about what women bosses are doing differently, if not wrong, that their subordinates or colleagues are not feeling connected with. I delved inside the Internet and asked many of my friends and colleagues about their experiences at work with a female manager. A plurality of them expressed their desire to work with their previous women boss again, however, an astounding number of participants, both male and female employees, spewed varieties of condemnations as well.

Some of those conspicuous feedbacks are mentioned here:

  1. They lack confidence: It is highlighted that female bosses not only display a lack of confidence for themselves but also for their subordinates, especially for women employees, at work.
  2. They micromanage: In the majority of cases, micromanagement portrays a picture of a manager distrusting its employees. It makes the employees suffocated and makes them cast doubt on their own merit.
  3. They sometimes indulge in gossips: Employees also stressed that they have observed their female bosses falling for gossips on many occasions. They also conveyed that they find such conduct immature, unauthentic, and inferior.
  4. They are seldom emotionally balanced: Many of the employees revealed that they had rarely found a female manager who was balanced emotionally and most of them were either authoritative and strict or too friendly and biased. Female bosses were blamed to be only at either end of the emotional distance spectrum.
  5. They shiver when it comes to making hard decisions: Female managers tend to be more indecisive compared to male managers when a decision such as firing an employee or choosing one over the other has to be taken.
  6. They cannot work without mentorship: Female leaders lack in independent decision-making ability. They constantly seek guidance and advice from their mentor(s). It makes female managers look less confident.

These were the comments drawn forth during the research. Here stands a good opportunity for us to consider these opinions “areas of improvements” so we can plan and act to redress these gaps. It is true that those criticisms hold true for male managers also, but now that these have been attributed to female managers too, let’s work together to improve upon it.

In order to strengthen our abilities, we could pay attention to the following:

Be yourself

The confidence in your body language will radiate the most when you are just yourself. Stand firm when you think you are right and be legend enough to admit your own mistake when you are wrong. When you are comfortable with yourself, you inherently make a connection with the mass. When it happens, other women employees will relate to you and look up to you.

Be supportive to other employees at work

One of the most desirable qualities of a leader is to make others empowered and self-sufficient. Your fellow women employees consider you their role model. Fortify their trust in you and secure them with your support and guidance. Ensure that they are heard and compensated appropriately.

Lead by example

The best way to instill confidence in others is to disseminate from your within. Provide your peers something to emulate you. First set an example and let them follow you. A culture can be reinforced not enforced.

Be a people manager

Being a people manager means that you should start investing your time with your employees to get to know their personal background, hidden talents, strength, weakness, constraints, and obligations. If you know their other side of life, non-professional, it would be easier for you to help them with their career path, connect with them, and understand them better. There could be many organizational events that could allow you to be familiar with this trivia. Focus more on cultivating an environment that is approachable, cooperative, and supportive rather than just competitive.

Stop micromanagement and start delegating

Never let your employees get the impression that you underestimate their competences. Micromanagement helps to nurture that atmosphere. So get rid of that and instead learn the art of delegation. Let your employees find the way how to conclude a task because that’s how they learn. Assign one mentor to them, if needed. Keeping a tab on every move of your employee will strengthen a feeling of cynicism among them. Your objective should be to empower them not to micromanage them.

Stop indulging in depreciating behavior

Stay away from any act which seems demeaning and belittling. And gossip is one of those. First, it makes you look unsophisticated, and second, your employees picture you as untrustworthy because if you are doing it for the one you could do it for others too. Disentangle yourself from these negative traits as it does no good for your character and self.

Toughen up to make hard choices

It is a fact that women leaders tend to be more emotional than rational, and this predilection is attributed to their innate characteristics. They easily get worried about entailing any negative repercussions, intentionally or unintentionally, to the employees. The decisions such as firing an employee or being evenhanded in appraisals could seem callous and cause a sleepless night to a female boss, whereas, a male manager would comparatively appear more complacent in such moments. While dealing with such scenarios, you should not forget your role in the organization. For instance, before firing odd employees, analyze how to utilize them in any other vertical or team, and if you don’t find any room for them then you need to remind yourself that you are a manager first and you need to do what is good for the organization. Nonetheless, you can always ensure that your decisions do not inflict an employee to take an unceremonious exit. It is definitely a hard choice, but your rationality and toughness at the moment will be fruitful not only for you but also for your organization as well as that employee in the long run. You must be hard in decisions yet soft in approach.

Embrace a persona between authoritative and social

In haste to be heard and obeyed, women leaders grab either one side of the spectrum of sociability. On one side, when they are friendly and submissive, they bolster an environment of fun, excitement, and zeal. Employees working under such leadership feel that they are heard and their leader is concerned about their dreams and career path. However, this persona brings its own disadvantages. Sometimes, it fails to create a line between friendliness and professionalism. On the other side of the spectrum, when women leaders become strict, they promote a dreaded and stressed environment.  Although they get the work done, but in the long run, the bond between the leader and the employees would dwindle, and gradually the subordinates would prefer to leave the project or workplace for good. That’s why you should be discreet with the personality you are reflecting on your employees.

Know your constraints

Being inherently caring and concerned nature, women employers and bosses sometimes get in a phase where they want to make the working atmosphere heaven for their employees. Well, first you need to understand that “you cannot make happy everybody at the same time”. This also implies that you, like everyone else, have got your limits too. At times no matter what you do, your employees will never be satiated and will keep demanding more and more. You have a bigger picture of the organization. You better know what you can do for them and what cannot. Do not go beyond your frontier and never ever regret it. You need to get a middle ground between the employee’s concerns and the organization’s capabilities. After a limit, you might need to spend time in a candid conversation with your employees to remind them that their concerns are well-considered and addressed and that they have to reciprocate with their work, productivity, and innovations.

Know when you don’t need a mentor

Everyone needs a mentor in their life to learn the tactics of a particular arena, but after a certain period, you should be self-sufficient and independent. Keep a self-check that you are not falling into a pattern of constantly seeking mentorship. Trust your intuitions, have confidence, and learn from experiences.

Be a catalyst in changing the mindset of people towards women leaders and their leadership styles. Days are not far when search results will reverberate positive headlines. We are already good, let’s strive to be better!

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Causes And Remedies Of AgeingNo ratings yet.

Ageing is inevitable. We will all age and die. However, the relatively new profession of anti-ageing medicine could now greatly influence how early we descend into our decline. Anti-ageing medicine is unlocking the secrets of ageing and how to slow it down based on the principals of traditional medicine – evidence-based practice on a foundation of rigorous scientific research.

The oldest living human is now 122 years old and it is proposed that young adults of today may live until they are 150 or more. So what about the ageing population and the economic strife that it will incur for future generations? By 2050, there will be 3 times as many people retired as those working. It is unsustainable and will bring about global economic collapse.

The purpose of anti-ageing medicine is not to prolong life even when the quality of life is poor as we are doing now with traditional medicine. It is to improve longevity so that we can still be healthy and independent and useful to society for much longer. Anti-ageing medicine takes a holistic view of a person’s health rather than just treating the disease. This is something “alternative” practitioners have been doing for a long time. What’s new is that now the doctors are doing it too.

It has always been thought that ageing was just caused by the wearing down and wearing out of our bodies. Our joints pack up, our organs get tired (including our brain) and our skin gets wrinkly. So I suppose I am a believer in the Wear and Tear Theory of Ageing. But did you know there are many scientific theories of ageing? They all make sense and ageing is probably a combination of them all. Understanding these theories can empower us with the knowledge to fight ageing and the decay and disease that it brings.

The Wear and Tear Theory

This is a simple theory that states that we age because of insults to our bodies over time. Our skeleton is eroded and our organs – heart, liver, kidneys, and skin – are worn down by toxins (sugar, fat, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, ultraviolet light, pollution, pesticides and emotional stressors). This damage accumulates and not only causes our body systems to work less efficiently; it decreases our ability to fight off further insults. What can we do to prevent this wear and tear? Avoid toxins and stress! Easier said than done I know and this article does not give you the solutions, there is abundant information out there. Some notable sites include Low Tox Life and The Whole Daily created and run by smart Australian women. This article can merely enlighten you as to how all the bad things in our life make us age. With that knowledge, we are able to make the connection between action and reaction and how the lifestyle choices we make either reward or punish us.

The Genetic Control Theory

This is the idea that although we can’t change our genetic makeup, we can protect our genes in many ways so that the path of our programmed ageing (our genetic destiny) is altered. As we go about our lives, our DNA (which contains all our genes, there are approximately 20,000 of them) is damaged. DNA is constantly replicating to replace our cells and after a while, bits break. Eventually, the cells that are being replaced don’t always turn out the way they should, leading to mutants that either die or cause disease. The Genetic Control Theory proposed that it is the condition of our DNA that controls how we age as broken DNA leads to disease, illness and ageing.

The Genetic Control Theory is closely linked to another theory, The Free Radical Theory. We have all heard of free radicals and know they are bad for us but did you know why? Free Radicals are constantly being produced by the metabolic processes that go on inside our bodies. Other free radicals may be introduced from outside our bodies in the form of all those toxins I mentioned before. Free radicals damage us because they are atoms or molecules that have an extra electron.

If you know any basic chemistry, you’ll have learned that all atoms (except hydrogen) have protons, neutrons and electrons. Stay with me, I’ll make it really simple. The number of protons should equal the number of electrons. If there is an extra electron, the atom is not happy and bounces around frantically trying to give away an electron to anyone who is passing so that it can regain equilibrium. They cause a lot of damage in the process. They target cell membranes, DNA and RNA, leaving a trail of destruction.

We can protect ourselves from free radicals by consuming nutritious foods that are known for their antioxidants properties or by taking antioxidant supplements like Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Antioxidants are guardian angels that travel around the body and neutralize the free radicals by taking that extra electron and leaving behind happy and stable atoms and molecules. They stop the destruction.

The Hay flick Limit Theory of ageing

This theory was put forward by Leonard Hayflick in 1961. If the Genetic Control Theory purports that ageing is caused by damage to our DNA, the Hayflick Limit Theory states that this same damage is a result of telomere shortening. Now, telomeres are pieces of junk DNA (DNA that doesn’t actually do anything) that sit at the ends of our proper DNA. They protect the ends of the DNA strands from damage. Just like you hem a fabric so it doesn’t fray, the telomeres prevent the fraying of our DNA by protecting the ends of it. When you hear about being tested for your genetic age as opposed to your year age, this is what they are looking at. How long your telomeres are.

Free radicals and oxidative stress are responsible for the damage to our telomeres just the same as it damages the rest of our DNA, so the answer is again antioxidants in the form of nutritious food and supplements and by reducing psychological and physical stress.

The Neuro-Endocrine Theory of ageing

This theory was developed by Vladimir Dilman in 1954 and is founded on the belief that it is the decline in neuroendocrine activity that makes us age. If our nervous system is the queen bee of our body, our hormones are the workers. Pretty much everything that happens in our body is the result of actions by our hormones. It is an unbelievably complex system that I am not even going to try to explain but if you keep this system running smoothly, your body will perform well. As we age many hormones decline. Especially after 50. After menopause. You can monitor your hormones and supplement them if necessary, something that your local GP may not tell you. Be proactive and ask about your hormones. Or find an anti-ageing practitioner. Your hormones will be one of the first things they investigate.

Inflammation Theory of Ageing

Inflammation is the body’s response to physiological stressors. The reaction to a stressor usually goes like this. We detect the stressor (hormones again). All sorts of biochemical reactions occur which lead to increased permeability of our blood vessels. In other words, your capillaries become leaky at the site of the injury. The purpose of this is to allow our Immune cells (our white blood cells) to get out of the bloodstream and into the tissue that is damaged and attack the invaders and repair the tissue. This leakiness of capillaries is what causes the swelling and inflammation that you see when you injure yourself. Think hitting your thumb with a hammer or spraining your ankle. The problem is, more than just your white blood cells leak into that area, a lot of plasma goes with it and the swelling ends up causing more problems than the actual injury. That is why we ice and elevate our injuries, to stop the swelling. All that pooled fluid actually impedes circulation and slows down the healing process. Now imagine that same inflammation going on throughout your body in capillaries everywhere and you can see why inflammation is so harmful. Inflammation also causes increased mucous production. That constantly runny nose, sinus pain or mucous in you stools is a sign of chronic inflammation. And what is the stressor that the body is reacting to? Oxidative stress usually.

And if that’s not enough, add to this The Autoimmune Theory of ageing that states that as we age, the ability of our immune system to produce disease-fighting antibodies declines as does its ability to distinguish invaders from our own cells. So not only do we have capillaries leaking all over the place, we have immune cells leaking into our tissues that are attacking our own cells, not just the invaders. I don’t blame you if you want to stop reading now but I’ll try to finish this on a positive note.

You have the power to go forth.

All of these theories have some truth. Ageing is a combination of them all. But no matter what sort of genes you were dealt when you were conceived, whether you have “good genes” or “bad genes” you can change your destiny for the better (or worse). If you are not already eating nutritious foods, exercising, meditating and abstaining from things that are toxic (almost impossible but moderation is a good start), it’s time to give it some serious thought. Ageing is not pleasant no matter how “normal” it is. I’m going to procrastinate. You can too.


If you are struggling to follow these principles, it’s time for some trickery. Personally, I find the best way to trick yourself into giving up something you love or taking up something you don’t love is via hypnosis. Get the ideas into your subconscious and your conscious self will follow like a faithful Labrador. You don’t even need to leave the house let alone go into an expensive retreat or hire a psychologist. Just find some hypnosis or affirmation podcasts on iTunes or YouTube on whatever you want to improve and listen to it before bed. Plant those seeds before you sleep. Get them into your subconscious and watch the results unfold. You’ll be amazed at the changes you can make without even trying.

As for ageing, I hope this article has provided some insight into what ageing is and what you can do to slow it down. Knowledge is power. Know your enemy and keep it on the other side of the trench as long as you can. You only live once. Eat well, exercise, meditate. Give it all you’ve got.

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Your Wedding Day Is Near; What Should You Wear?No ratings yet.

With the beginning of new seasons for the world, this is a good time to give some tips and advice to help you put together some killer outfits for joyous celebrations such as weddings. As is always the case with fashion, age is a factor when deciding what to wear… but, you may be surprised how far down on the list that consideration is.

FIRST CONSIDERATION: Dress code or No Dress Code.

There are six dress codes a couple might choose to have for their wedding guests.

Dress Codes – What to Wear

  1. The casual – casual dress suited to the season
  2. Cocktail Attire/Semi-formal/Dressy Casual – Cocktail Dress
  3. Themed Attire – Determined by the couple (See #5 Vintage below)
  4. Formal Attire/Black Tie Optional – floor-length dress or evening pantsuit
  5. Black Tie – formal gown
  6. White Tie – full-length ballroom gown

If there is a dress code that will narrow down your options, but there is still room for a lot of imagination! If there is no dress code, you can move on to the next consideration.

SECOND CONSIDERATION: Wedding Theme or Style

There are many themes/styles but I will mention the eight most common. Understanding the theme/style can help you decide what to wear if the invitation does not have a dress code.

Theme/Style (ranked most formal to most casual) – Suggestions of What to Wear

  1. Classic or Traditional – Cocktail Dress to Full-Length Gown
  2. Contemporary or Elegant – Cocktail Dress or Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
  3. Romantic or Backyard/Vineyard – Cocktail Dress or Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
  4. Industrial Inspired – Any of the Above
  5. Vintage – Based on the era the couple chooses
  6. Rustic or Country – Sundresses, Full-Length Casual Dresses or Jeans and a Lacy Blouse
  7. Beach – Sundresses, Full-Length Casual Dresses, Swimsuit w/Sarong

Your possibilities are endless – use these suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.


A general rule of thumb is that the attire gets a little more formal as the day progresses into the evening.

Now you are able to narrow it down even more and begin actually thinking about the details of the garments along with starting to put together ideas for the accessories.

FOURTH CONSIDERATION: Adjusting for Inclement Weather

Whatever outfit you choose to wear be sure to have a second choice ready should the weather turn foul, or have a throw or shawl… even a stylish umbrella to help you weather the weather!

FIFTH CONSIDERATION: What are the Wedding Color(s)

If you know the colors the couples have chosen for their wedding you might choose to wear something that pairs well with those. Generally, you don’t want to exactly match the colors if you are not part of the wedding party. However, something a few shades lighter or darker than one of the colors or a simple pattern that has one or more of the colors in it are both good choices.


This one is a bit tricky because although you want to look your best, you must never upstage the bride or the bridesmaids. This is the bride’s day to shine and her bridesmaids with her, so consider what looks best on you and then modify it some. That could mean that instead of wearing a dress that is both form-fitting and very short with high heels, you choose either a form-fitting just above the knee-length dress and any heel OR a bit looser fitting dress that is short with killer high heels. Another example would be instead of wearing a low-cut, shoulders-out jumpsuit you could wear a bit higher neckline with the back cut low. The modifications are endless.

DON’T skip this consideration. It will keep you from being the one everyone is gossiping about behind your back at the wedding and for weeks after.


This is not a good thing for my younger readers and a bad thing for the older ones. Again, it is about modifications. You want to look stylish while being age-appropriate. Those of you who are younger have more options, although I would admonish ALL of you, no matter your age, to study yourself closely in a three-way mirror standing, sitting, walking, and leaning over! The word modest means to show grace to the observer and that should be your goal when attending a wedding. You do not want to be a distraction to any other guests or anyone in the wedding party. Those of us who are older need to spend even more time thinking about and studying what we look like in an outfit… no matter how stunning it may be on the hanger or mannequin. As we age we can lose sight (or sometimes choose to lose sight) of what our clothing looks like on us from different angles and in different body positions. Show no mercy to any outfit that does not look its best at every angle and in everybody’s position. Don’t wear anything that you will regret later. Always err on the side of more classic pieces.


Accessories are what make garments/pieces of clothing into outfits. Never underestimate the power of accessories. Here are some things to help you make great choices.

  1. Weddings are not the best place to wear neither oversized jewelry nor brightly colored jewelry.
  2. Choose earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are more moderate in size
  3. Pieces that are mostly metal with bits of color and bling are best
  4. Make either your jewelry or your shoes/purse/belts/outer-wear the main focus… not all the above.
  5. Choose shoes that can comfortable for hours of standing and dancing OR bring along another comfy pair for dancing that compliments your outfit and are in great shape.

So, we will leave you now to your own creative juices. ENJOY YOUR GLORIOUS DAY!!

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How to Style JumpsuitsNo ratings yet.

God bless the man/woman who invented the jumpsuit. Saving you from everyday pairing dilemmas, jumpsuits are one of the most loved lazy dressing options and are a statement in itself. It goes from head-to-toe and sometimes goes even beyond the usual dresses and pants. From sleeveless to flared sleeves, summer to woolen, Button-down to back zipped, jumpsuits come in a variety to choose from for every occasion, weather, or person. Styling jumpsuits is very crucial because you can’t overdo. You need to accessorize right for the jumpsuit to stand out and be in the limelight. It isn’t always easy to pull a jumpsuit off so let us help you in pairing this fashion icon with style and confidence so that you rock your ensembles anywhere you go.

  1. Formal occasions: Women often feel that a formal bodycon dress might be the best and safest option when opting for workwear or an outfit for a meeting. But once a woman gives the jumpsuit a try and rocks it, there’s no going back! Jumpsuits at work can give you a unique look and will definitely keep people talking about you. You will look like the most stylish person in that board meeting when you accessorize right with that jumpsuit. You may go for bold colors for a work jumpsuit if you feel that going for a jumpsuit is itself too much to take in.
  2. Casual: We all know how lazy women dress up for going outside. Lazy women are two kinds. One is the kind who wouldn’t experiment with her wardrobe and the other is who would make no effort dressing up. And how amazing is the fact that the jumpsuit solves the problems for both kinds! Jumpsuits not save you the daily hassles of pairing and coordinating your outfits but also lend some variety to your wardrobe. Move over your usual pants, shirts, and tops and try jumpsuits the next time you’re going out on the weekends.
  3. Date Nights: Jumpsuits can make up for a really romantic outfit if paired with the right accessories. Move over your ‘little black dress’ and find the right jumpsuit to accompany you to the special date night. Opt for a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline to accentuate your figure. Go for a bodycon fit for a classy and sophisticated look for a date at your favorite restaurant or a dinner at the beach. Go for a classy minimal neckpiece. Don’t overdo. Since the jumpsuit is a lot in itself, opt for minimal jewelry. You can add a cherry on the cake with a small clutch to carry your belongings or a sleek sling.

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