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The Business of News is Our Business

Goldam Blog is a relationship and lifestyle website bringing followers educative, inspirational and eye-opening posts, including news and gist on Politics, Sport, Business, Fashion, Nollywood and local events in Nigeria

The news industry is evolving, and so are we. Our team represents today’s most trusted and compelling news media brands. Their job is to keep the world informed. Our job is to help the world stay current with daily events as it unfolds.

Our advocacy, publications and events bring together the brightest minds united under one shared purpose. Together, we’re creating the strategies and business models that will enable news to thrive for years to come.

-GOLDAM BLOG- publishes contents with style and elegance

Goldam  Blog team are the brain responsible for planning, procuring content, reviewing and editing contents

They pursue leads, doing research, and conducting interviews to showcase very real, human stories and highlighting social issues that are close to our reader’s heart. They love writing and putting our ideas on our website to serve our readers. They make up the face of Goldam Blog, responsible for developing strategies to draw attention to the things Goldam Blog does and attracting positive exposure. They believe that the contents we create should go beyond the website